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Over 300 years ago, Tanaji - the Maratha warrior, and his army, with the help of ropes and giant lizards, scaled the sheer precipice and silently stormed the Bijapur citadel at midnight, creating history. The 'samadhi' to Tanaji Malusare stands as a reminder of the bravery and glorious victory of the Marathas. On hearing of the passing away of Tanaji, Shivaji is known to have said "We have gained the fort but lost the lion". Where upon the fort got its name 'Sinha (lion) gad (fort)'

Sweet curd, Buttermilk, Kanda bhaji, Pithle-Bhakari  and Chicken are things which drag many tourists here. Sinhagad is the most prominent and popular fort in Pune. Sinhagad  was once known as " Kondhana " . It is 25 km away from Pune. It is on a high hill  1290 m high.



This palace was build  by Bajiroa 1st in the 18th century. It was a 13 storey building . It used to be the head quarter of the Peshwas and it symbolizes Pune 's culture. Currently renovated & there are plans to have a lights & music show. The main part is left is Nagarkhana which gives good inside view.



One km from Swargate. Surrounded by pretty green lawns on all sides. There is a Ganesh temple on a small hillock. It used to be surrounded by a lake which later made a way for the park. Many people come with kids and relax on the lawns in the evening. This place is also known as "Talyacha Ganpati"



One man show is the way to describe this museum. It is a collection of Mughal antiques which include paintings, instruments, lamps & different types of nut crackers. The  Mastani Mahal which was made over here after dislodging it from its original place takes the cake.









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